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Syed Lateef

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Joan Beltran
Project Manager

I handle special projects, seek processes which can make work better for the company. I also handle all reports from team leads to see tasks are done.

Jeselle Nagot
Operations Manager

I am responsible for managing the daily business operations and for developing, implementing and reviewing operational policies and procedures.

Karl Dela Cruz
Revenue Manager

I develop pricing strategies, forecasting revenue and also analyze the prices offered by other competitors to develop competitive prices and discounts.

Jason Montana
Human Resource Manager

I oversight the human resources aspect of the business. Creating an organization that values diversity, inclusiveness, and teamwork is my main goal.

Mary Grace Mahino
Finance Team Lead

I oversee finance and administration including accounts payable and receivables, banking and reconciliations, managing client pay-outs.

Carla Fenella Musngi
Social Media Manager

I develop relevant content topics to reach the company’s target customers. Curate, and manage all published content on all of our social pages.

Minette Sevillena
Executive Management Assistant

Support the CEO and Project Manager with business development, and administrative functions are carried efficiently.


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