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FAQs - Hostly Chicago airbnb management

frequently asked questions

how can my place qualify for hostly?

Quality and care is what we strive for. We do it with our operation, staff, services, as well with our clients. So we are very thorough during the consultation process to determine your needs and goals. We provide our industry knowledge and set a custom hosting plan that is right for you. If you’re interested in a free consultation, please fill out the inquiry form below, and one of our staff members will get back to you to start you through the hostly journey.

what area and neighborhoods does hostly operate in?

Hostly operates most major Chicagoland neighborhoods and suburbs. To see full list visit About Page. If your neighborhood or city is not listed, email us to inquire if we can add your location to the list.

what are the main differences between hostly and its competitors?

Hostly are team of actual vacation rental hosts and some are super hosts. We have the knowledge and expertise of what it takes to manage your property and work on all the details on your behalf. We are also have the lowest most comprehensive rate in the Chicago market.

how are hostly’s fees handled?

It’s very simple! Hostly charges you only 25% of the daily rate, charged to the guest. This includes our full line of services: marketing, booking and payments, guest vetting, enhanced pricing model, guest support, onsite staffing coordination, cleaning service, linen service and key delivery and checking in and out coordination. We’re actually the lowest in the market.

if something happens, is hostly staff near by?

Yes, all hostly staff members are located in Chicagoland area, and are able to respond to situations as fast as possible.

is my home protected & insured?

Vacation rental sites like Airbnb provide insurance protection to their host. For example Airbnb provides a policy of $1M in insurance protection for confirmed reservations. You can also set security deposit limits. Check with your home insurance/renter’s insurance policy for details of coverage.

before I start hosting, do you take an inventory of everything in my home?

We recommend homeowners to not have any valuable items or one-kind family heirlooms in their vacation rental properties while hosting. In addition, we highly advise homeowner to take pictures of every room, and document all items in case insurance claims need to be filed for damage, loss or theft.

how much does it cost to get started with hostly?

The consultation is free! You can reach out to us either via email or phone to get the conversation started at no charge to you. However we also like to be transparent as possible regarding our fees. Please view our comprehensive Pricing & Services Page to find out more details and price list.

are there any cancellation fees if hostly has confirmed a reservation and decided not to host any longer?

Absolutely not! We take pride in being fully transparent as possible with our fees, and will be more than happy to go through all the costs associated. Please view our comprehensive Pricing & Services Page to find more details and a price list, and reach out if you have any questions.

how long do I have to work with hostly?

We offer 3 to 6 month contracts. Just inquire during your consultation, which one you would be interested in, and we’d be happy to provide more information.

do I have to sign a contract to get started?

To ensure we have mutual partnership and set expectations, we do require signed contract. The terms of the contract can be discussed and customized to your needs at the time of consultation. Please reach out if you have any questions.

are there ever any justifying situations so that there are no cancellation fees?

Yes, there are certain circumstance that you can avoid the penalty fee, again this is assessed by the Vacation Rental site. In most cases, if it was a booking error caused by the website, the cancellation fees will be waived. Here are other circumstance the penalty fee could be waived by vacation rental but will require additional documents and still at the discretion of the Vacation Rental site.

• Death or serious illness of a host, guest, immediate family member.
• If guest or host are mandated to perform jury duty. Serious injury that directly restricts a guest’s ability to travel or a host’s ability to host.
• Any travel restrictions or major security advisories issued by the official government both domestic and international, after the time of booking.
• A major natural disasters or severe weather impacting the location of host or location of guest.
• A disease outbreak declared by an Official domestic or international authority in the destination of the host.
• Unexpected property damage or severe maintenance issues that directly impacts the ability to host safely or puts the guest in danger.

as the homeowner, can I set strict house rules like no pets and no smoking?

Yes, as homeowner you have the right to implement rules such as No Pets, No Smoking (of any kind cigarette and marijuana), and set house rules. Our team of experts will help you draft your house rules to ensure that all your requirements are met.

who pays the hotel occupancy tax?

The guest at the time of booking will pay the Hotel Occupancy Tax. Hostly doesn’t handle any tax fees, as that is handled directly by the Vacation Rental site on your behalf.

does hostly respond to guest inquiries?

Yes! And we’re quick too! Guest support is very important, and we aim to having 100% response time and respond to all inquiries within an hour.

who provides the cleaning staff?

Hostly does! We hire only the best cleaning staff members that know what it takes to prepare your place for next guest. They do a thorough job and make sure the place is super clean, stocked, and ready to go. This one of the benefits of hosting with us. We think of all the details so you don’t have to!

can I clean the home myself after I stay since I’m the owner?

Unfortunately no. Cleaning for vacation rental is slightly different than cleaning for regular home. We have standard to provide excellent and professional cleaning service along with turnover service (similar to a hotel). So let one our highly trained cleaning staff members clean and set up or home for your guests.

who pays the cleaning fees?

Hostly takes care of this for you! Your cleaning staff fees are included in our 25% hosting fee service. The guest will pay the cleaning fee that you outlined in your Vacation Rental site profile and in return that amount is paid to you. We will still work with you closely to set a cleaning fee amount for each guest stay.

can I ask more questions not listed here?

Sure you can! Please contact us if you ever have any questions. Our staff is here to help navigate the wonderful world of vacation rentals.

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