How to Target Business Travelers on Airbnb

How to Target Business Travelers on Airbnb

Did you know the importance of targeting business travelers?

As a global accommodation site, Airbnb has created feature after feature to reach all kinds of travelers. In 2016 the number of people traveling for business purposes tripled from the previous year. Business travelers even have their own search tool to filter for Airbnb’s that are deemed Business Travel Ready.

Here are a few ways to determine if your Airbnb is suitable for the business traveler and how to better market to their needs.

Quick Response Rate

Time is money. In order to target a business traveler, you’ll need to demonstrate the ability to text, call, and email back quickly. Those on a work-focused trip are in search of an Airbnb host with added value– more so than a lap of luxury. Being diligent with their time is the first way to impress a business traveler.

How to Target Business Travelers on Airbnb


Amenities will usually be the initial reason a business traveler gravitates to your Airbnb. Things like Fast, Free Wi-Fi will have the business person ready to book. The following are also necessary if you want to make sure all their work needs can be met with your Airbnb:

  • Work desk with a chair
  • Working all-in-one fax machine/scanner/printer
  • Outlet strip
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Parking Space
  • Coffee Machine
  • Hangers

To really impress, have a few spare phone and laptop chargers available.

How to Target Business Travelers on Airbnb

Easy Check-in/out

Companies are often very strict on the amount of money and time spent on employees traveling for business so you will often notice your potential guest is in a hurry. Another way to be time conscious is to expedite the key handoff and receiving. If you’re still meeting up with each and every Airbnb guest check out How to Simplify Airbnb Guest Check-in to increase efficiency and guest satisfaction.

How to Target Business Travelers on Airbnb

Provide Numbers for Local Services

Local dining and transportation are very important for a business traveler, save them the hassle by leaving a list of your favorite and most reliable local services. You could even recommend a good nearby bar in case the trip is extra stressful.

Do the Basics, Just Enhanced

Targeting the business traveler to book your Airbnb has a lot to do with the conversation on your Airbnb listing. Optimize how features of your Airbnb are the perfect fit for someone visiting your city for work.

Author: Amina Grace